THESE DAYS, A Tale of Nostalgia on a Burlesque Strip

an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Prize-winner

“A truly compelling read that is worthy of high praise.”  Publisher’s Weekly
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0_0_0_0_195_293_csupload_64538658Fueled by a passion for 1940s movies and her jazz musician father’s tales of a time when “every hole-in-the wall bar had a band,” 14-year old Becky Shelling dreams of a career in show biz. When her beloved dad disappears, Becky finds solace in Carolyn Kibble, upstairs neighbor and barmaid at her dad’s former haunt, the Half-Mile Bar. But it is the attention of smooth-talking businessman Lenny Moss that she really craves.

Taking Becky to work for him on Baltimore’s World-Famous Block, Lenny inadvertently leads her down a path of self-discovery on a once-stylish, now-decrepit adult entertainment strip where everyone has a tale about “the good old days,” but nothing is quite as it seems.

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